A photographer and educator based out of the San Francisco Bay Area..

I came to photography in my early college years and was initially drawn to its ability to make the unseen seen. It could take a moment of time and separate it from all the other moments, taking it from its original context and making it something new and separate from the real. It is simultaneously a document, a documentary and a documentation of a moment or an idea. It’s in this playful edge of real and unreal, the known and unknown that I find my desire, my voyeurism. 

My current photographic practice utilizes the medium’s cutting-edge technology but also engages its historic traditions. I am interested in blurring the line between the contemporary and the antique. I find it difficult to focus on a single project at a time and prefer to work in threes, it allows me to break up the work and give myself time to leave and return to ideas with new and fresh eyes.

Some of my work explores cultural concepts of beauty while also tracing the roots of ancient ritual alive within contemporary society, while other parts of my work explore the idea of the fragment of what once was. One of the aspects that remains constant is the formal consideration of the subject and the love of the object itself, while seen here digitally my work is really rooted in the physical print and the experience that surrounds interacting with the object. I’m interested in taking an initial visual experience and making it into a voyeuristic visual and tactile experience that the viewer becomes an active participant in.

As I pursued my studies I came to love the larger format view cameras and alternative processes, platinum in particular. Book arts is another one of my passions and many of my pieces take the form of handmade one of a kind books. I find this medium to be more intimate forcing the viewer to become more active in the work.

I earned my MFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a BFA in Photography from Indiana University, with minors in Art History and Dutch Culture and Language.

I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC and a Phase One Certified Expert and have my FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilots license. I am available for Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, Digital Printing and Color Management consulting.